Main objectives of the Rexroth Foundation

The Foundation's main purpose is to help the sick and needy around the world. The color of their skin, their political and religious persuasion have no bearing on their eligibility for sponsorship.

The projects sponsored primarily focus on the medical and social rehabilitation of fellow human beings. A not inconsiderable proportion of the funds distributed over more than three decades was dedicated to the scientific research of more effective medicines to combat leprosy, which can now be regarded as almost overcome.

Projects sponsored by the Foundation range from India and Pakistan through Africa to Brazil and Paraguay.

In concrete terms, the Foundation has set itself the following tasks.

  • Combating disease and improving the health and hygiene care for human beings
  • Exploiting agriculturally viable land and resettling young families
  • Increasing crop yields by modernizing farming methods
  • Improving the water supply in slums on the outskirts of large cities
  • Creating jobs by training young people
  • Educating children and adolescents and training adults

The Foundation accords preference to projects of a model character which are easily transferable to other regions where similar conditions are to be found.