Worldwide Child Sponsoring Program
St. Vincent's Home, Sri Lanka
St. Vincent's Home, Sri Lanka

A testimony to the willingness to help of numerous citizens from town and country and a wonderful success story is the model child sponsoring program launched in the pre-Christmas period of 1986 supported by the daily paper Main-Echo.

One hundred and twenty-nine "godparents," mainly from the area once covered by the District of Lohr, declared themselves willing to support a child in a children's home or orphanage by donating at least DM 40 (EUR 20.45) a month. The donations which totalled DM 77,000 (EUR 39,369.50) in 1987 provided extra financial aid for a number of orphanages in South Africa, Brazil, Pakistan and Uruguay.

At the end of 2006, the number of sponsors had reached an all-time high of 1,060. Until today they have donated the almost incredible sum of over EUR 5 million for children in the Third World.

Our sincere thanks go to all "godparents" for their generosity and their unfailing support over the years. One parent even donated a flat to the child sponsoring program.