Worldwide Child Sponsoring Program
Meals for underprivileged children in Uruguay
Meals for underprivileged children in Uruguay

The Georg Ludwig Rexroth Foundation is arranging child sponsorships in South Africa, Brazil and Pakistan since 1987, in Uruguay since 1990. In 1999 Argentina was added, and after the Tsunami we started in Sri Lanka in 2005.

For more than 20 years, we have supported the German nuns of the Dominican in Oakford Priory in the South African province of Natal. From 2010, we will be supporting two projects of the Mariannhill Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood in the Eastern Cape province. The first is St. James Highschool, which has approximately 580 pupils and also runs a girls’ boarding school in Covimvaba,where up to 250 girls, living in small groups, are parented and educated. The second is St. Vincent-Home, an orphanage in which 110 children and teenagers, some of whom are infected with HIV, are cared for and educated in small groups.

Since 1995, we have also been supporting a home for the disabled in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa, which was founded by a priest from South Tirol and is now run by a native Dominican nun. Both mentally and physically disabled children live in this home where Sr. Clementilla and her many local helpers give them the best possible care and attention. The home is situated in a congenial environment and the children's life is enriched by the many opportunities to come into contact with farmers (and see farm animals), the teachers and trainees in many artisanal workshops, and senior citizens living in the area.

In Brazil, Pater Eckart Hoefling, a Franciscan priest who was born in the vicinity of Lohr, established community centers in two favelas in Rio de Janeiro. These centers also include admirably run children's day-care facilities. There is another child day-care center in a hospital run by Pater Eckart's Franciscan order in Rio as well as a children's home in Nova Fribourgo. The sponsorship funds are administrated by the managers of these facilities, most of whom are nuns, and spent as appropriate to the individual benefit of each child.

In Pakistan, the sponsorship funds are administered by a Belgian nun with whom we have also maintained contact for many years. This sister runs a school teaching many children whose parents cannot afford all the necessary expenses for textbooks, school uniforms and shoes, or medical examinations, special coaching for children with learning difficulties, or school excursions.

In Uruguay, in the capital Montevideo, our contact until 28th of february 2014 was Pater Otto Brand, a member of the Pallottine order. He has been in Uruguay for more than 30 years, initially as a priest for families of German descent, but had since set up an extensive aid program and also ran a school. He used the money received from sponsors to pay for a healthy diet and clothing for the children who attend his school as well as others, and to sponsor their schooling and vocational training. After he passed away, Alejandro Fontana, his friend and also a priest, will continue his work.

In Argentina, deacon Hermann Schweikart has taken up the fight against hunger. After moving to the country in 1990, he took over the work of Dominican Sister Irma Schneider in 2003. He has since set up a school, supports street children and poor families, and promotes school education and professional training. St. Teresita, a home for the severely disabled, and "Bella Vista", a ray of hope for children from poorer districts, are also supported by him.

In Sri Lanka, father Dilan Perera is the head of St. Vincent's Home, where 130 orphan boys from the age of eight to eighteen are living. They get not only school education, but also a technical training. Besides general technical knowledge, the orphanage trains them in carpentry, car mechanics, electrical engineering and typography. The project produces rubber, coconuts, bananas, bricks and candles and pieces of printed matter.

We have set up a special account for the child sponsorship program at the following bank:

Sparkasse Main-Spessart, IBAN: DE 64 7905 0000 0042 2813 86, BIC: BYLADEM1SWU

We collect all donations received and distribute them at short intervals to our respective contacts in the various countries.

We know that all our local contacts conscientiously administer this money, and are at pains to see that it benefits the group of children they care for, and in some cases is spent directly on caring for a specific child and its family.

We have to accord our project partners the freedom to decide themselves what kind of support will best benefit each individual child. In all cases, help is provided quickly unbureacratically and sensibly, because the sisters and priests have already lived in the respective countries for many years and know the local customs and culture. They love the children they care for and want to make their lives easier in the short term and to equip them in the best possible way to deal with the challenges they will face in the future.

The standard donation for a child sponsorship amounts to EUR 240 per year (or EUR 120 every six months). This sum is passed on directly to our partners in the various countries without any deduction for administrative or other costs. The donations are tax-deductible, and at the beginning of each new year, we issue receipts for all donations paid throughout the preceding year.

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