Goldenes Herz e.V.
Ernst Prüße (President)
Ernst Prüße

"Goldenes Herz" (golden heart), a charitable association founded in 1973, has its roots in a Christmas aid campaign initiated by journalists in Lohr after the last war to help poor and needy people in the town and its surroundings with donations of money or goods. The idea was to turn a seasonal campaign into a permanent institution. This decision was prompted by the realization that isolated actions could not provide sufficient help for the underprivileged people in this region. Georg Ludwig Rexroth was the instigator of this association and served as its first chairman from the date of its inception.

Ulla Menzel (Vice President)
Ulla Menzel
(Vice President)

Even in our so-called affluent society, there are still people who are poor and do not have the strength to cope with their struggle to survive. The association has dedicated itself to helping the sick and the disabled, the jobless, or people with large families, all of whom have to contend with particular difficulties, as well as those whose pensions are often only just above the limit for eligibility for social security payments. It does not want to usurp the role of social security itself, but to provide rapid and unbureaucratic help in cases where no public assistance can be expected. Thanks to our support, the association has succeeded in helping a great many people over the years.

Today, the charitable organization is managed by Ernst Prüße (President), the former mayor of Lohr, and Ulla Menzel (Vice President).

A total of EUR 0.2 Mio. has been donated for this project.