The South Tirol Project
Project Administrators
Project Administrators, from left:
Sepp Telser, Sepp Peer,
Michael Hellrigl, Eduard Platzer

For those who had not seen it with their own eyes, it was difficult to believe that in the rich European Union abject poverty was still to be found at the end of the 20th century while the destruction of food supplies is subsidized by the state and bonuses are paid for the export of livestock.

In South Tirol, off the beaten tourist tracks, people were, even in 1998, still living in housing conditions, the like of which only the elder generation among us may remember from post World War II days.

Working together with some friends in South Tirol who draw our attention to particularly needy cases, from 1972 - 2012 we attempted to help in any way we were able.

The renovated house of a large family
The renovated house
of a large family

We assisted orphaned students who would not otherwise have the chance to continue their education. Another way of helping was the renovation of dilapidated houses in which we often find 10 and more people living cramped together in indescribably unhygienic conditions.

Regular visits and the gratitude of the people we have helped convinced us that our help was indeed necessary and effective.

After we did no longer find real emergency cases during the last years, we decided together with our local friends to end this project to get the funds free for other needy people. A total of EUR 0.7 Mio. has been donated for this project.