Girls' school and orphanages in Pakistan
Science laboratory of the girls school
Science laboratory of the girls school

The main focus of sponsorship in recent years was the construction of a school during 1993 in Orangi, a slum area in the capital Karachi, where 1000 children, from the fifth grade on only girls, receive schooling up to secondary certificate level. The school is mainly funded by the Georg Ludwig Rexroth Foundation. In the first years it was run together with the sewing workshop which helped to finance it. The legal coverage is the Georg Ludwig Rexroth Charitable Trust which has its headquarter in Karachi.

Daud Ansari
Daud Ansari

In the meantime the school has nursery, kindergarten and ten grades. Today approximately 1000 children are taught up to high school graduation. The school is officialy recognized and has a very high education level. The sewing workshop was discontinued due to lack of space. Furthermore, we offer the following education courses, partly as evening classes: Sewing & cutting, art & handicraft, computer & adult literacy.

For the success of the project it was of special importance that we were able to engage Mr. Daud Ansari, the former chief financial executives of Siemens Pakistan, for the projects of the Rexroth Foundation in Pakistan.

Since 1973, the Foundation has also provided substantial aid in the following ways:

  • Paying staff salaries and procuring medication for the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center
  • Financing housing for former leprosy patients
  • Supporting a shoemaking workshop for young people and a training workshop for electricians and carpenters
  • Erecting of water tanks for drinking water for refugees in Orangi
  • Paying the salaries of the teachers in the Tatarko School in Mangophir, which is named after our late board member Eugen Tatarko
  • Supporting a kindergarten in Mangophir

A total of EUR 1.1 Mio. has been donated for this project until today.