The Vila Ideal and Vila Prainha Projects in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

In Brazil we have been participating since 1978 in the renovation of slums on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Our projects are situated in two favelas (slums) in Duque de Caxias on a marshy stretch of land on which around 20,000 people used to subsist in conditions of abject poverty.

Prainha social center
Prainha social center

The favelas are not beyond all hope. We have succeeded in awakening the "will to live" in the people of Vila Ideal and Prainha and ridding these suburbs of their slum character, turning them into normal residential areas.

The social center "Nossa Senhora das Gracas" in Vila Ideal was opened in 1981 with the help of funds provided by the Foundation. The population of this favela now numbers some 25,000. About 90 young children between 2 and 6 years are being cared for, and 75 - 80 children receive schooling in the kindergarten. The social center also offers typing and sewing courses. The costs are borne by the Rexroth Foundation.

Project Administrator Pater Eckart Höfling
Long-term Project Administrator
Father Eckart Höfling, who
passed away after long illness
on 1st of March 2014

The social center "Menino Jesus" in Prainha was established in 1985. In this area too, some 20,000 people live in very crowded circumstances. The kindergarten looks after about 180 children aged from 3 months to 7 years. Preschool classes are also offered. On the educational side, typing courses are offered.

In recent years, the health center that was opened in 1990 treated some 2,500 cases per year.

The two favelas could not exist without funding by the Foundation, which undertook an obligation when building the two social centers to attend to their upkeep and to maintain them.

A total of EUR 2.6 Mio. has been donated for this project.