The Paraguay Project

The objective of our Paraguayan project "Cerro Mbatovy" - "Rising Earth" - in Tava-i in the Department of Caazapa, a jungle settlement near the Brazilian border, was the improvement of health and hygiene care.

Operating room in Tava-i
Jungle hospital Tava-i

The hospital founded in 1978 was until recent years the only one within 100 km of vicinity. It had until it was changed into an ambulatory a complement of 52 beds. On average, the hospital treated 1500 in-patients and furthermore there are about 8000 out-patients every year. Over the course of the years, increasingly complex operations have been performed in the hospital. In the last years only in exceptional cases seriously ill patients had to be flown to the capital Asunción about 300 km away.

Besides the medical side of the operation, we had started a small farming project alongside the hospital. The purpose of this project was to supply the hospital with food to provide a healthy and varied animal and vegetable diet. Its secondary function was to set an example for the local farmers with respect to agricultural production.

Dr. med. Dr. med. vet. Hans Wischerath
Project Administrator
Dr. med. Dr. med. vet.
Hans Wischerath

Nowadays, there exist small settlements around the hospital. The Rexroth Foundation has supported those people to build their houses. The government of Paraguay has, as the Rexroth Foundation expected, improved the medical supply. Meanwhile people can find a medical station approximately every 18 km. The target of Georg Ludwig Rexroth Foundation is achieved. We therefore entered into a contract with the Paraguayan Foundation "Fundacion Ambulatorio Tava-í de Paraguay" and handed over the project to this organization. "Fundacion Ambulatorio Tava-í de Paraguay" has kept it as an ambulatory and for the treatment of emergencies.

The Rexroth Foundation had committed itself to provide the necessary financial resources for the next couple of years in order to guarantee a proper emergency and outpatient care for people in this rural area in Paraguay. In 2008, the project ended.

A total of EUR 5 Mio. has been donated for this project.